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Our Collaborators

Hearts Across Romania has been working closely with several Romanian organizations that have the goal of improving the quality of life for Romanian children and their communities.

Catharsis, under the leadership of Azota Popescu, has been very active in improving the lives of underprivileged Romanian children. Because of common goals, the collaboration between Hearts Across Romania and Catharsis has been very fruitful.

Transilvania University of Brasov

Transilvania University (UTBv) is a state institution of higher education located in Brasov, Romania, and by its"educational offer, scientific research and number of students represents one of Romania's large universities, being the representative university for Region 7 - Centre." The University includes 18 faculties with a total of about 20 000 de students and 800 teaching staff. The University offers 100 FT, PT and distance learning bachelor's study programmes and 66 advanced studies or scientific reasearch master's programmes, also FT, PT and distance learning. At present doctoral studies are available in 17 fields.

Joy of Giving Foundation

Since November 2013, the Joy of Giving Foundation has helped over 300 people daily to survive from a serving them a hot meal, finding them a job, help with identity papers, clothes, school supplies, and above all ... love and understanding!

Initiated and funded in good faith of individuals, the project is under the sign of faith and discretion - an open door to all those who want to help unconditionally .

People who need our help are poor, lonely, sick, elderly, people whom are often overlooked.

Of the 300 people we help daily, 40 people are homeless, 80 are children and the rest are lonely and sick people. It may sound unreal, but for some families they must gather candles to provide light by which children learn, for old wood or bottles to warm them, and for the street people who often need someone just to listen to them.

Their needs are different, but with the help of generous people we try to help them.