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Gheorghe is a 20-year-old student who was born in a small town close to Brasov called Intorsura Buzaului. He will be starting his second year at the University Transylvania Brasov majoring in Automotive Engineering.

Gheorghe is an excellent student finishing his first year with a final score 9.65 out of a 10 point grading system despite his financial challenges. His father died of cancer and his mother lost her job. He has one brother and two sisters.

Financial support comes from the University: $100.00 monthly and $100.00 pension due to his father death. Gheorghe works during the summer vacation to help his family and to cover his living expenses. He thinks that most important thing to do now is to work hard to study to accumulate enough knowledge “to do what I want to become what I want” a good engineer!

When asked what he will do if he was a Mayor in his hometown he said that he will repair all streets, will provide current water and electricity to all, will promote respect, good manners and loyalty, healthy life style, sports and he will talk to people to understand their problems.

Gheorghe is a very impressive young man.

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