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Cristina is a second year Mechanical Engineering student at Transylvania University with a focus on Transportation Engineering. She excelled her first year with a final score of 9.3 out of a 10 point grading system. Cristina lives with her cousin and one other girl to reduce cost of staying in the school dormitory. This also allows her to reduce her monthly food cost, which is one of the highest expenses for students, as she can cook at home and take her lunch. Cristina is from a town about three hours away from Brasov, and she goes home twice a month at a cost of $12 round-trip so she can visit her father and brother. Her father prepares food for her to take back to school to help with this expense. Her family is proud of her as she is the first one to attend college. 

Financial support comes from three sources: $75.00 from the University, $100.00 monthly pension due to the death of her mother, and her father’s contributions. She is very concerned about her ability to fund her education due to monetary constraints, but is determined to complete her Bachelor’s Degree. Cristina’s monthly expenses total $100, which does not include transportation home, local bus passes, books, projects for school, library fees, food or personal items. The average basic monthly cost for a student is $350, and she is well below that average.  

Cristina has always been excellent student and her ultimate goal is to obtain her Master’s degree. She wants to stay in Romania upon graduation and ultimately marry and start a family. Her hobbies include sports, fitness and music. 


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