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Bogdanel is in his final year of college majoring in Automotive Engineering. He has been an outstanding student the past three years and scored a perfect 10 out of 10 during his 3rd year, despite his financial disadvantages.

Bogdanel has been chosen to participate on the Transylvania University Mechanical Engineering Department’s design team to build a Formula One race car.  Each summer there is a student competition race against other universities.  The technical skills the students learn as they design the car and troubleshoot engineering problems are important hands on experience for them, and the fun they have racing the car is the personal payoff. Due to limited funds, and the fact that his younger brother is entering college this fall, Bogdanel elected not to participate in order to save money.

Bogdanel is proud to be the first person in his family to attend college. He receives a small stipend from the university, with the majority going towards the cost of his dormitory fee. He relies on help from his parents, but his father has a limited income, and his mother is currently working outside the county to help provide support. Bogdanel visits his family once a month, which is about a two-hour trip from school. He trips are costly, but this allows him to save money in the summer as the dormitory fee is double the normal school year’s cost and must be paid in advance to cover the three month summer session. 

Bogdanel’s interests include American classic cars and motorcycles, soccer, rugby and anything involving fitness and health. He is in need of a bicycle for transportation as he walks in order to save money.  He also needs a computer for his last year in school so he can complete advanced projects. After graduation, Bogdanel plans to live and work in Romania.


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