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Elena C.

Elena has been a student at the University of Transilvania, Brasov since 2019.  She is studying Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering. She has received very good grades since she started in the program.

Elena comes from a family that has many problems.  She was very close to her mother who died this year.  Although her mother was an alcoholic, she was very much Elena’s support system.  The family had many debts. Her father is cold and distant and didn’t have much to do with the family.  Elena has a younger sister who now lives with her father and he supports her.

Elena has been supporting herself since she was 15. With the money she earned from working, she helped her mother with household expenses. She recieves a merit scholarship from the university and a survivor’s pension that helps pay for food, books, clothes and some college taxes.  She works different jobs during the summer to help pay for expenses while at school.

Elena needs a new laptop as her laptop is old and cannot support the programs she needs for school -  AutoCad, Inventor, SolidWorks and C++, etc.  She also needs money for books.

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