Stefan R.

Stefan, who speaks English, is 19 years old (D.O.B. 10/11/97), and he is finishing his first year of college with a major in mechanical engineering.  His anticipated date of graduation is September, 2020.   He is an excellent student with a grade point average of 9.35 last semester out of a possible 10, and a GPA of 8.64 in his major field of study.

Stefan’s family is composed of his parents--Petru and Nina--four brothers, six sisters, and four lovely grandchildren.  The family lives in Bacau County, and the father is a priest. He related that his father and his godfather have had the biggest influence on his life.  Stefan also stated that his godmother was like a second mother to him before she died.

His biggest academic challenge during the school year was the exam session in January and February and trying to finish them with high grades.  Stefan’s career goal is to work in the field of engineering, and he wants to be able to stand on his own two feet financially. 

He has done a little community service work at one of the orphanages where he cooked several times.

Stefan’s interests outside of school are climbing the mountains, painting, which he loves, and photo editing. 

Stefan, is soft spoken, and seems to have a gentle nature.  He stated that he enjoys working with handicapped children because one of his little brothers has Down’s syndrome, and Stefan feels that he understands him very well.


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