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Sebastian M.

Sebastian was born in the city of Galati, Romania where he has spent most of his life.  He was placed in foster care at 2 weeks old and has foster parents who are now in their 70's.  They are very caring but have some serious health issues.  He and his foster parents live in a small country village outside Brasov in a two room apartment that they pay for monthly.  Together his foster parents earn about $775 dollars per month with most of the money going to daily living expenses and medicines for his foster parents. Sebastian spends about 3 hours each day traveling from his village to and from school.

Sebastian is enrolled at Transilvania University where he studies Computer Science with an emphasis on robatics. He is very serious about his studies and in the future would like to specialize in AI development. In his free time he likes to play sports with his friends, read and has volunteer as a tutor.

Sebastian needs a better laptop, faster internet speed, access to training programs and books to help him be successful in school.



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