Gicuta, who speaks English and French , is 20 years old (D.O.B. 10/14/96), and she is finishing her second year of college with a major in mechanical engineering.  Her anticipated date of graduation is July, 2019.  Gicuta is a good student with a grade point average of 8.80 last semester out of a possible 10, and a GPA of 9.0 in her major field of study.

Gicuta’s family is composed of her parents, her brother and herself.  Her younger brother is nine years old and is finishing second grade.  The family lives in a very small village, and her father works as a lumberjack.  He makes about $250 US per month, and her mom does not work.  Gicuta receives $200 US monthly as a scholarship from the government, and she has to pay her dorm rent from these funds.  Her parents are currently unable to help her financially.  Gicuta stayed in Brasov last summer and worked making approximately 1,000 lei per month. 

Gicuta’s biggest academic challenge during the school year was her exam sessions.  She would like to score a 10 on her tests at the end of this school year, and she wants to continue her education in pursuit of her master’s degree.

She has volunteered with the Red Cross and has also worked with kids from an orphanage and people from a nursing home by taking food to them.    

Activities for fun outside of studying and school are taking walks outdoors.

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