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Cosmin B.

Cosmin is in his third year of a four-year nursing program at the Faculty of Medicine at Transilvania University. He discovered his passion for the medical field immediately after finishing high school when he studied biology independently for a year.  He had the 16th highest grade out of 131 students on his entrance exam and completed his second year at the university with a grade point average of 9 out of a possible 10.

Cosmin received a merit scholarship from the university for his first two years of study, which was approximately $190 per month, and he is waiting to see if he gets this award for the current school year.  Because of his excellent academic performance, his student fees are covered by the state.

Cosmin’s father, a truck driver, was diagnosed with cancer when Cosmin was in the 9th grade, and he died that same year.  Money was a big issue before he died and more so afterward. The family relocated to Brasov from the small village where they had lived when Cosmin was 7 years old in order to have more opportunities.  After his father’s death, the family struggled financially, but they were able to maintain their living situation.

Currently, the family income consists of a survivor’s pension provided to Cosmin by the state, which is roughly $190 a month, and the mother’s minimum wage salary, which comes to about $320 a month.

Cosmin has volunteered at the Public Health Directorate in Brasov since the 7th of September. As the COVID-19 pandemic overloaded the national health system, the government asked for volunteers who are studying in the medical field for specialized tasks that can be taught within a month.

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