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Andrei B

Andrei, who speaks excellent English, is 19 years old (D.O.B. 7/12/97), and he is finishing his first year of college with a major in mechanical engineering.  His anticipated date of graduation is September, 2020.   He is an excellent student with a grade point average of 10 last semester out of a possible 10, and a GPA of 9.85 in his major field of study.

Andrei’s family is composed of his parents, an older brother, who is in the final year of study at the university, and a younger sister, who is in the 6th grade.  The family lives in the village of Oneasti.  Andrei’s mom works as a nurse and makes about $350 US per month.  His father worked in a factory, but it closed, so he is currently unemployed.  He stated that his father is a bee-keeper.

Andrei related that his parents, some of his high school teachers and a few of his friends have had the biggest impact on his life.

His biggest academic challenge during the school year was the exam session in January and February.  He met the challenge by finishing with seven grades of 10. 

Andrei has not done any community service projects during the academic year, but he plans to volunteer this summer in his village with a Belgium organization.  He has actually traveled to Belgium and to Scotland.  He likes traveling, bicycling and hanging out with his friends when he has free time.

Andrei related that he saved his money and bought an old car—a 1985 model—for $500, and he has it in running condition.  He said he likes taking old things and making them work.

He lives in a dorm room with three other guys, and he receives about $200 US in scholarship money from the government.  Andrei needs sponsorship because his parents are limited in their ability to support him financially.

His career goal after he completes his education is to get a job in a big factory and be recognized for his work.  His personal goals are to have a happy family and a job that is not too stressful.   

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