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Ionela E.

Ionela is 18 years old and currently lives with a family in Brasov.  She was born prematurely in a village east of Brasov, where she was abandoned in the hospital by her mother.  She has no information about her biological father.

Ionela’s grandmother took her from the hospital and cared for her until she died in 2012 when Ionela was 11 years old.  In 2008 Ionela and her grandmother moved to another village, where other relatives helped out by giving her odd jobs to do.

In 2014 one of Ionela’s older sisters brought her to her house so she could take care of her baby, which Ionela did for 4 years. Ionela’s sister wanted to take her to Spain in 2018 so she could continue babysitting, but a teacher in Ionela’s school intervened, and with some help, she was able to find a family in Brasov to take Ionela in.   The foster family worked with Ionela to get her into school, which she had never attended on a regular basis, to help socialize her and to provide assistance in many ways, including getting glasses for her.

Ionela is naïve because she has had limited life experiences and has always followed the lead of others.  Someone else has always directed her instructing her to babysit, clean house, work in the fields, etc. She needs a safe place where she can learn how to take care of herself. The foster family is willing to continue to work with Ionela, but they need some financial assistance to help provide for her needs.

Ionela is behind in her education because she was never able to attend school regularly, and education was not stressed.  She was placed in the 8th grade when she came to Brasov to live last year. A Hearts representative will work with the school to see how Ionela is doing and what her prospects are for future education, perhaps at a vocational high school.  

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