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Horia and Ianis

Horia was born Dec 3rd and is 16 years old.  His brother Ianis was born July 23rd and is 4 years old.

In December 2015 a terrible tragedy struck this family.

The boy’s father killed their mother in the presence of Ianis.  He is now in prison.

The boy’s mother was 36 years old and totally involved in her children's lives. The children are now living with their grandparents who are still in shock. Their grandfather is ill and grandma is overwhelmed.

The grandparents are retired with a small pension of less than $500 a month. Horia’s mother had enrolled him in after school classes to learn English so he could go to a good school and his grandparents need help to continue the lessons.

Horia was very close to his mother and needs counseling to help him with what has happened.

The grandparents need help with everyday expenses for their grandchildren.

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