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Georgiana is 14 years old and in the 8th grade at Andrei Saguna College in Brasov. Georgiana was born in Brasov and has lived there all her life. She and her mother live in a 15 square meter (approx. 161 square foot) studio apartment. Her parents are divorced and her mother is the sole provider.  Her mother's income is very low and with the little money she earns can she can barely pay the bills, buy food and some clothes

Georgiana needs extra preparation for high school and needs to take private classes that the family cannot afford.

Georgiana spends her summer holidays in the country with her maternal grandmother who is 76 years old and suffering from cancer. Her grandmother lives with her cousin and uncle. It is a place Georgiana loves very much because her dog named Pufi lives there.

Her favorite school object is Romanian. She likes reading, traveling and listening to music. Her favorite bands are Skillet and Nirvana.

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