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Denisa B.

Denisa, who was born in 2004, lives with her grandparents in the rural village of Augustin.  They adopted her years ago. Her grandmother, Safta, is 74 years old, and she is the only able-bodied adult in the home.  The grandfather, Nicalae, is in bad health and paralyzed, so Safta has to care for him.  She works occasional jobs in agriculture around the small town of Augustin, where they have a home, in exchange for produce for the family to eat.  Safta receives a pension of 900 ROM, which is the equivalent of about $210 U. S. per month.  The family lives in a typical old Romanian farm house consisting of three rooms with tumble down structures once used for storage or for animals.  Safta cannot come close to doing an adequate job caring for the place alone.  She needs some help in applying for a pension for a pension for her husband due to his handicap. 

Denisa’s biological mother, Angela, currently lives in Germany, with two of her daughters.  She is not involved in Denisa’s life.

Denisa completed the 8th grade at the local school, and she is now attending high school in Brasov.  Her uncle, who lives near Brasov, agreed to let her live with him so she can continue her education.  Denisa’s grades are good enough for her to get accepted to an educational college in Brasov, rather than the agricultural college in Augustin.

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