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Adriano M.

Adriano lives in a three-room apartment with his mother, his 11-year-old half-sister and his maternal grandmother. The apartment is located in an older building block in Brasov. His mother was able to purchase this apartment some years ago.  It was in need of updating, which she did herself over a period of time.  Adriano also has an 18-year-old half-sister in Bucharest, who is attending the university there majoring in economics studies. She speaks both English and French.

Adriano was born on November 10, 2002, and he is in the 11th grade.  He attends a generalist high school and makes 8+ scores out of a possible 10.  He would like to be an EMT, or with his fluent English, a tourist guide or a mountain climbing guide.  He is very good at sports with a special interest in mountain climbing, and he participates in a scouting program.

Adriano’s parents are separated after a legal marriage, which took place in Miami, Florida.  His father is a US citizen, but abandoned his mother after Adriano’s birth.  His father is of Italian-Cuban ancestry and as far as his mother knows, still lives in Miami, but he has become addicted to alcohol and drugs and lives on the streets.

Adriano’s mom works as a helper in a day care center, where she works with children 2-4 years old. Her monthly income totals about $440 from work and the government subsidy for the two children at home. The grandmother receives a pension of about $260 per month.

Adriano is a good student, and he seems serious about having a career.  He wants to continue with scouting, both as a participant and when he is older, as a scout leader. He needs assistance with extra money for completing his education, extra training in serious pursuit of EMT certification, and for his interests in scouting.  

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