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Romania’s Children

Romania suffered under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, a communist dictator, for over 25 years until he was overthrown and executed in 1989. During his reign, birth control and abortion were illegal, and families who did not have at least 5 children were punished with increased taxes. He was building up his country, but at a terrible and lasting cost to the people. After his rule, the economy was poor and families could not support their large families, so many children were placed in orphanages, where they did not receive the proper care that every child deserves.

Today, despite great improvements, Romania continues to struggle. Everyday, newborns are abandoned in hospitals and young children are dropped off in state facilities, where they begin their lives lacking love and a family they may never know.

Romania's children—like our own children—need all the love and help we can give.

You can help us by volunteering or by making a tax-deductible donation.

What You Can Do

Project: Volunteer Work Team Trips

2-week volunteer work team trips in Brasov, Transylvania. Mix care & support for Romanian orphans with food, fun and sightseeing. More

Project: Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Sign up to sponsor a child. Your regular donation will provide medical care, material support and education. More

Project: Transitional Program

Once orphans reach age 18, they must leave their institution. Our Transitional Program helps them adjust to life outside the orphanage. More